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ParanoLives Day 6

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 6
Bad week, stress, busy, yadda yadda - super sketchy ArtSlam entry go!

Oh man check out all that lazy!monster on show goodness gravy just drink it all in

More sketchy demon stuff! Girisha (big fluffy buff axeman) used to serve as the guardsman of the Overlord of Hell. He took his job very seriously and was very proud of his position. Now he serves as the guardsman of the Overlord's son: a position that still carries all the glory and fame of his former title, but none of the dignity. Rather than marching into battle to slay thousands of enemy demons, or defending his realm from marauding monsters, he spends the majority of his time chasing after the inquisitive pacifist Prince and making sure he doesn't get himself eaten. "Royal Babysitter" is probably better description for him now.

The Prince was designed by a friend of mine. We're working on a Tumblr blog where we will collect all our concepts for this story, and as soon as it's prepared, I'll be sure to link to it here. C:

Thanks for dropping by! <3

Also also Laitma is a sweetheart drew my baby Alex and you should all go see because she really made me happy and she made him look so fluffy and cute and ; ^ ; <333