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Laitma Day 12 - Fanart Friday!

Originally posted by laitma at Laitma Day 12 - Fanart Friday!

Hung out with a friend today, so I only had time for a quick Fanart Friday sketch, b-but still, hope you guys enjoy~  (Comic work tomorrow for sure~!  DX)

Anyway, a cute lil crossover for paranolives!!

It's their OC Alex hanging out with Phelan 'cuz I HAD to do a crossover with these two doggie dorks hahahahaha, they seem like they'd get along great (at eating their way through the carnival-!)... xD
Though really, Phelan, don't talk with food in your mouth, what awful manners 9_9;;

(Meanwhile, Andy and Asher are probably crying over how much money these idiots are spending, lmao)

Anyway, I hope I drew Alex looking vaguely like himself, he looks a lil young but, I hope you like!!  ;=;/"