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ParanoLives Day 3

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 3

Again, thanks to all the lovely people looking at/commenting on my art, you guys are really nice and I've not looked forward to reading online feedback this much in a long time it just- it means a lot and thank you ;///;

Very much keeping in style with my last submission here; I had fun with the last one and wanted to give it another go I guess. xD; Plus I originally wanted to draw Mizuki in this Satsuki Kiryuin pose for Day 2 and decided to just go for it this time.

Oh, and sorry I fell behind another day yesterday - I had one hell of a deadline to meet and my flu is still kicking my ass. @__@; I will be spending this weekend drawing in bed, nothing else, buuuh.

As always, thanks for stopping by! <3