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Para Day 2

Went to a concert in London yesterday. Today the city suffered three attacks. Myself and all my loved ones are safe, but I'm still reeling from it all. Not much to show today.

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ParanoLives Day 6

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 6
Bad week, stress, busy, yadda yadda - super sketchy ArtSlam entry go!

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Laitma Day 12 - Fanart Friday!

Originally posted by laitma at Laitma Day 12 - Fanart Friday!

Hung out with a friend today, so I only had time for a quick Fanart Friday sketch, b-but still, hope you guys enjoy~  (Comic work tomorrow for sure~!  DX)
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ParanoLives Day 6

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 6
Having some more fun with Girisha's design. c:

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ParanoLives Day 5

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 5

<:D; Kinda breaking my own rules with this entry, haha;; B-but it's still related to my story projects, so it counts!
(That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. >^>;; )

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ParanoLives Day 4

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 4
Today, my flu celebrated its third week of existence. But it gets ever weaker by the day! After getting some deadlines out of the way, I found time to finish up another ArtSlam piece and I'm aiming to have fully caught up by the end of the week! >^{C}
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ParanoLives Day 3

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 3

Again, thanks to all the lovely people looking at/commenting on my art, you guys are really nice and I've not looked forward to reading online feedback this much in a long time it just- it means a lot and thank you ;///;

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ParanoLives Day 2

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 2
Being sick sucks. But drawing all day on your sick day off from work sucks comparatively less.

Thank you for all the positive response so far; this community is super nice and I'm grateful for the warm welcome. ;u; I hope to be more involved with the community real soon!

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ParanoLives Day 1

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 1
Sad to say that, thanks to some mean deadlines and a hella case of the flu, my ArtSlam 2015 has not been off to a flying start. @w@; Failing to post something on time for Day 1 is a poor show and I apologise for that. My contributions may be unfortunately meager until my deadlines pass, but I will catch up! Mark my words-!

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Choc units: 2. Brownie and cookies. I wanted to try to only have one today, but, alas, brownies are too tempting. Due to amount of walking done today, I find this acceptable. u_u
Indians: 1 oh god IBS please be kind. Don't regret the lamb korma too much, though. I don't eat enough protein.
Hours spent drawing: MANY I love you life drawing. Going to be drawing tonight, as well. SLAP, COME HERE.

I just watched a video on Youtube entitled "you need to get off facebook". I didn't take this too much to heart, as I only signed up to the site because of Uni - nearly all communications among students is hosted on that site, so it was imperative that I joined. I've been hooked to Cafe World, Mafia Wars - JUST managed to avoid Farmville and Frontierville, though. Couldn't see what made the game so addictive. Then again, I have tasted better. My untold hours spent playing Harvest Moon can prove that.

Anyway. This video startled me. It's actually really quite touching, especially at the end. Maybe that's just my self-consciousness reacting positively to a complete stranger telling me that I am more beautiful than my profile picture, but I'll take it.

As much as I agree with most of the video, I felt a strange sense of guilt and indecision. "This guy has some good points, but I really enjoyed 'The Social Network' and respect Mark Zuckerburg. ... wait that's a ridiculous reason whatthehell."

...Christ, I just noticed. The ad banner above this journal reads "Break Ground with Us! Join your friends in CityVille, Zynga's newest game! Play now on Facebook." The 'Allow' button is positioned above the Facebook font.

I've received three invites for CityVille. I think I might go erase them in a few.

(Though, admittedly, being able to play a free, online copy of Cooking Mama is nice.)

For those who actually read this, and are interested, it's here.

However - and this may or may not be due to the video, I can't tell - I was just hit with a bout of anxiety. No idea what it was. A rush of adrenaline in the chest and an inexplicable sense of dread. I felt sad, but moreso confused. Been a while since something like that has happened. Not really noteworthy, I suppose, and it's most likely just raging hormones due to my upcoming period. 

This is probably gross information for people who read this thing, but, as I said when I began this 2011 blog, this is for me. Sorry, guys.
... what's more is that I think I've mentioned it before. Never mind.

Last year, between October (the month I moved in with Marc, Andy and Rachel, and started term 2 of Uni) and Boxing Day, I did not have my period

On Boxing Day, I was visiting step family.

That was............. uncomfortable. Ie. it hurt like a bitch, and my head hasn't swam that badly... since..... lackofacomparison - EVER.

So, said feeling of anxiety is probably just leftover hormones from that little menstrual fuck up. Also explains recent feelings of frustration - oh. Yes, I mentioned the three month period lapse yesterday.

Thank God I'm keeping this blog, really. 

On a topic that makes me feel like less of a dunce:
New classes started today. At LAST, we have begun "Acting for Animation". Ooohhhhh. 9am on a Tuesday, we get to act like dicks for two hours and call it 'studying'. Ooohhhhhhh. <3

What sweetens the deal even more is that our classroo - excuse me - lecture theatre is in the swish, recently refurbished Kimmeridge house, with it's huge seminar rooms and fancy interactive whiteboards. Ooohhh.

I had no idea that this was actually acting class, so I took my notebook laptop with me, and my A3 sketchbook for life drawing next period. It was brilliant when the tutor showed up, told us to push all the tables to the side, get up and start acting.

... I just considered whether or not to go into specifics of the class, in case it's interesting or not. I'll want to read this again one day, to see if I remember, so I will write it down.

Through a rather ineffective system of making us each pick a card from a pack, and then try to find someone with the same number and colour of that card, we eventually were put into pairs. I was teamed with Jamie. Great guy. Rather like a gentlemanly comedian. Waistcoat and all. (Then black jeans and trainers, haha. Sums him up perfectly.)

We were told to stand across from each other (so the entire class was stood in a line looking like we were about to break into a morris dance), and mirror the other. Then, one person would act out an action, and the other would copy, but with a different attitude, and the original subject had to guess what it was. Jamie got my posh act straight away. Then again, I also immediately clocked that he was acting like he desperately needed a piss as he made his morning tea.

The most bizzare of all the exercises was when each row had to hold each other's hands, and only copy sections of what the opposite person was doing. Our tutor - Stephen - put it this way: "Pretend like you just ate a really bad shroom." Jamie ended up copying my arm, and I was trying to copy his head and legs. Total clusterfuck, but absolutely hilarious.

In the final exercise, we were put into groups of 5. I was with Rob (yay), Ester, Max, and Aggie.

Oooohhh Goooood.

Some context: Aggie hates me, because I stood up to her when she was openly insulting Marc on Facebook. Hasn't spoke to me since.

Well, until TODAY, which amazed me. Only to correct me on something, though, unsurprisingly.

Pfft, Marc and I were shitting bricks when we saw Aggie's name on the list of people whose pitches had been chosen for the group project. As he said: "Best case scenario would be either: 1. neither of us have to work with her, or 2. BOTH of us work with her."

That would have been hilarious, but she was taken off the list. Apparently there was a mistake - she didn't actually want to pitch, but the tutors put her on the list because of her work? God knows how that happened.

Aaaaanyway. Life drawing was fun, too. The model bent over with her arse to me a few too many times, but I got some good work, praise and criticism out of it. Even Rob enjoyed it, which was good.

... A thought I had that day was trying to enjoy the little things, actually. Inspired by a video I watched on Ted. Just before class started, Eme said "Becky, want to get lunch after this?"
We've eaten lunch together before, and had a big girly natter, which was great fun every time. I couldn't help bust smile after she asked again; it's nice to feel that your company is wanted, really. Appreciate the little things.

I have a few other things I could mention, but most if not all of them are negative, and this is a pretty happy entry, so I'll leave it here. I'll no doubt add it to a later blog, anyway.

Uuhhm, as for a sketch.... ffffftt. OH.

Hey, Kalkie, if you've read this far (bless you), here's part of your commission. C: PREPARE FOR HORRIFICALLY REALISTIC SHEEP FACE (I don't know what happened oh God the consistency is shot to all hell).

QAQ Sheep. Night. I am SO sorry.

Good God, I need to get on that.

... oohhh. Clevermind. This song.
I --....

Rachel, how does the mere sound of your voice manage to completely snap my feeling of utter calm and peace in half?