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ParanoLives Day 6

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 6
Having some more fun with Girisha's design. c:

(Left: Girisha as a guardsman in the netherworld. Right: Girisha when he enters the human world, alongside two other demons he has to protect. He accidentally falls in with a human biker gang, hence the delinquent get-up. They think his "teeth implants" are cool.)

The sketches, concepts and puns continue! After looking more into the lore surrounding yaksha, I've come to find that their representation in media (referenced from both Hindu and Buddhist mythology) is very broad and interpreted in many different ways. So I'm going to allow myself as much artistic licence as I please, since... that's what most people seem to do with yaksha. oHo;;

Also, my friends made up a nickname for him: Onigiri. Because his name's Girisha, and he's a demon. Huurrrr. And as it turns out, "giri" is a Japanese value that is defined as "to serve one's superiors with a self-sacrificing devotion". Pretty perfect for a guardsman.

... It's not how onigiri should be translated I know but uuugh it's just too fun xD; I have a tendency to create grumpy (read: tsundere) characters with names that can easily be made into puns (a knight called Lance Carver; a soldier called Law), so I can't resist continuing this trend, haha.

Onigiri as a baby! According to yaksha lore, females were much more fearsome than the males, particularly in combat. Girisha learned everything he knows from his sister:

She was a tough teacher, but in a society that considered women to be far more capable on the battlefield than men, it was exactly what Girisha needed if he were to achieve his warrior dreams.

Today was a tough day. I didn't think I was going to submit anything to ArtSlam today, so I'm pleased I managed this much - my biggest submission yet, in fact.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to reading your comments every day, they keep me smiling. <3