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ParanoLives Day 5

Originally posted by paranolives at ParanoLives Day 5

<:D; Kinda breaking my own rules with this entry, haha;; B-but it's still related to my story projects, so it counts!
(That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. >^>;; )

Here's a character design for a concept myself and two of my friends came up with literally two hours ago. xD; We've always wanted to make demon characters of some sort, and tonight we just went for it. He's one of three demons currently visiting the human realm: a place they know literally nothing about. We've had a blast so far. You know your characters are off to a flying start when you've only just made them and they're already writing themselves, haha!

I'm excited for this new project and wanted to share my demon's initial design. He's based on the Yaksha of Hindu mythology (which is a subject I'm admittedly not very knowledgeable in, and though I want to enjoy some artistic licence with his design, I intend to do more research before I call him done). They're described as shapeshifters, and some have very wolf-like facial features in their designs, which I really liked and decided to roll with for Girisha. I-I have a weakness for characters that are part-dog okay shutup;;;

Girisha is his demon name, which literally means "lord of the mountain". I'd like him to have a nickname, given to him by his "friends", something simpler and snappier. (In the meantime, I'm being a horrible person and calling him Inuyaksha for fun. 'Cause- 'cause he's a yaksha, and "inuyasha" literally means "ugly dog", and he has wolf-like features. Hurrrrr. <8D;;; )

I'm gonna have to change up my ArtSlam rules a little bit and say I'll be drawing art for four projects now, because I'm too excited for this idea to leave it alone! <:D;;

aaaa this entry is super long gomen